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1. Always post the rules.
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1. If you could meet your favorite author in person, dead or alive, what would you say/ask/comment about to them?

I would tell Stephen Lynch that he is a national treasure who deserves more recognition for all the wonderful things he’s done. 

2. Favorite Pokemon?


3. What was the worst job experience you ever had?

Every second I spent working at Friendly’s

4. Marvel or DC (or Image, or Vertigo, etc) and why?

Marvel. I really shouldn’t have to explain myself on that. 

5. Best/worst vacation?

Best vacation I had was last summer. I road-tripped with my sister and her then girlfriend (they’re married now) to St.Louis to help her move in. 

6. What is your NOTP and why?

I have a lot of them, but my biggest NOTPs are Jackpunzel, Jelsa, Rainbow snowcone, and Jackrabbit. Pretty much Jack and anyone except pitch is a NOTP for me. I can’t ship him with the guardians because it just feels….incestuous somehow? I think because I view them as a family unit. And I absolutely cannot ship him with people from other fandoms. Especially Elsa. That shit was a nightmare. 

7. Disney or Dreamworks or Studio Ghibli and why?

Forever DreamWorks. I love you Ghibli, Disney I like you some of the time. But DreamWorks made some of my favorite films of all time (RotG, Megamind, Croods, HTTD, Road to El Dorado, Prince of Egypt, etc.) and in a weird way i owe a debt of gratitude to them for helping me figure out my life. 

8. If you were given the freedom to go up to someone and punch them smack in the face without any repercussions whatsoever, who would you hit and why?

Darren Wilson. That’s self explanatory. 

9. What was/is your favorite stuffed animal/doll/figurine?

A fat reindeer plushie my freind gave me two Christmases ago. His name is Dingle. 

10. Favorite Halloween costume/cosplay you’ve ever worn?

When I was five I dressed up as Xena Warrior Princess for halloween. The costume was homemade. 

My questions:

1. Favorite food?

2. If you could be anything for Halloween what would it be?

3. You have the chance to write and direct a sequel to your favorite movie. What’s the movie, and what’s the title of your sequel?

4. What element do you bend and why?

5. Given the chance, what celebrity would you go on a date with?

6. What’s your patronus?

7. Disney or DreamWorks?

8. If you could spend a month in another country, where would you go?

9. Would you rather have endless wealth, or immortality?

10. Night or Day?

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walking in the crowd in a faceless town i need to feel the touch of a friend




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why is getting your name legally changed so damn complicated?

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