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I command all of my followers to see this movie legally please!

It’s honestly worth the money to see this in theaters. I saw this last Sunday  at the AMC with surround sound and everything and it was a marvelous experience. I will warn you about the trailers hella annoying I was embarrassed to even be watching them but once you get past them, the feature film is absolutely worth it. The effects are gorgeous, the music is fun and charming, and don’t even get me started on the story. It’s a great story. If you liked Lilo & Stitch, you’s LOVE The Croods hint: it’s written and directed by the same guy!

And before I end my rant I want to point out a few things that makes this an excellent movie.

1. This movie has only 7 human characters and four of them are female. And I mean badass females. All of them. Even the baby and the old lady. Literally. Badass. 

2. Hilarious. This movie does really well with the its comedy. We we promised laughs, and we got laughs. Well earned laughs at that. If you’re looking for a high action comedy, then The Croods will not disappoint. 

3. The character interactions are wonderful. I especially love how Eep redhead interacts with Guy dude with the sloth for a belt it’s really hilarious and oh so adorable. 

4. THIS MOVIE MADE ME CRY!!! And not just tear up, not just a sniffle, I mean I cried big, fat, wet, tears rolling down my cheeks. The Croods is as beautiful and touching as it is hilarious and it deserves an Oscar. SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!! Because I’ll be seeing it at least two or three more times. 

**And as for any RotG fans you should definitely see this movie. I know DWA technically “pulled the plug” on RotG but it’s not too late to change their minds if we can blow them away with really high box office on their upcoming films. 

Mar 28,2013 40 notes

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    Agree on all points. Go see this movie, people!
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    I think the thing most notable about this film that makes it worth a watch and unique: The main point is /not/ Eep and...
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